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What is an Alert?

An alert is an action you want people to take, an event you want people to attend or a piece of important, timely information you want to share.

Delaware Riverkeep 

Please plan to join Delaware Riverkeeper on July 14 to tell the Delaware River Basin Commission that they need to include ALL natural gas projects in the Delaware River Watershed in their comprehensive study and rulemaking, putting in place a moratorium while they address this.

Delaware Riverkeeper Network 

Let Our New PA Governor Know Where You Stand on Fracking! Hundreds of activists including members of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network showed up in the freezing rain to Governor Corbett's inauguration this past Tuesday in Harrisburg to send a clear message to the Governor that they want their water and community health to be put first before the corporate profits of the gas drillers. In his inauguration speech, the Govenor promised to "lead with clear minds, full hearts and eyes set towards new generations for PA to find true and sustaining greatness...that allows for future generations to dream with incredible hope." Let him know you heard his speech and he can begin achieving this goal NOW by declaring a statewide moratorium on fracking in the Commonwealth. Call PA Governor Tom Corbett and urge him to declare a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the Commonwealth until exemptions to the gas industry are closed to protect public health and the EPA study on hydraulic fracturing has been completed and put through the public process. Call 717-787-2500 between 9am and 5pm to make your voice heard.

Rio Grande Watchdogs 

Hughes Oil is planing on getting around the 3 mile baseline water test by bypassing the Rio Grande County Regs and going back to COGCC rules. Let the Commissioners know we want them to honor the regs we fought so hard to put in place. Rio Grande Watchdogs facebook page for more information.

Catskill Mountainkeeper  

We, the undersigned, join Catskill Mountainkeeper in calling on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to hold up issuance of their final SGEIS on gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing until they can study and integrate the conclusions of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s report on gas drilling. 

Bergen Co. Dept. of Parks 

Public hearing on Corridor widening of Tenn.Gas to clean wide paths of NJ State Parks to provide room for increased pipes for fracking gas supply to NE.

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