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Share Your Story

Join our national registry. We will deliver thousands of testimonies to Congress this Fall. Share your experience. Whether your story is about leasing, drilling, downstream water or sleepless nights worrying, send it to us using this form.

If you have been directly impacted by hydro-fracking, we welcome you to share your story here. This will serve as the first national registry of stories, which we will use to educate the public about the consequences of fracking and will share with Congress. If you want to help others learn from your experience, share your story. Sharing is caring. Knowledge is power.

Under first admendment law, opinions are exempt from defamation claims. Therefore unless a statement of "I believe", "In my opinion", etc, are included in their testimony, it runs the risk of being challenged as defamatory. Please include these words in your testimony or we will insert them for you to protect you.

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We will not share your contact information with the public.



We will review all submitted stories to ensure they are appropriate for our audience. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any story. If your story is not approved you may contact us here.