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What is an Alert?

An alert is an action you want people to take, an event you want people to attend or a piece of important, timely information you want to share.


In light of the recent news in Youngstown, Ohio of the earthquakes and the injection well being shut down after the seismologist stated that the well was the cause of the quakes, I am looking for people who are interested in helping stop an injection well that is due to begin operation in the spring in NW Pa. I live in NYS but only 20 miles from the proposed site. The town in Pa. tried to stop this project by filing a lawsuit, but were forced to withdraw it because it would be too costly to continue, therefore it was forced to approve. I have written to the town officials and want to meet with them to see if this news from Youngstown will change their determination to stop it. I am interested in finding people in northwestern Pa and southwestern NY who would be willing to voice their opposition and find a way to proceed with an injunction or lawsuit to stop this. This small town will become a dumping ground for the fracking waste and perhaps earthquakes now that we know what happened in Youngstown. 11 earthquakes since March.


Visit the Ohio Environmental Council's web site ( and add your name to the proposed moratorium on fracking in Ohio. This is serious stuff! Stand up for clean water and air!


Please read the Fall 2011 Colorado Public Radio interview with Governor Hickenlooper posted below. Hickenlooper says "we can't find examples in Garfield County or anywhere in Colorado where fracking has gotten into groundwater." Please write to Hickenlooper to let him know that boom and bust natural gas jobs are not worth the risk to Coloradan's health, and include any studies or stories from your neighbors that you think are relevant. Let him know that your votes depend on this issue!


Ultra energy in planning three oil well sites (with fracking) less that 5 miles from city of Colorado springs , population 600,000. Need ALL county commissioners and city council members contacted and told to make strict regulations to ban fracking.


Please help in the blocking of a permit to drill a frack waste water desposal well in our community. Where millions of gallons of this toxic water will be pumped into the ground very near many of the homes who now have clean deep water wells.( Within a 1000 ft of many homes)

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