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It's happening right in our Townships of Shohola and Milford, PIKE COUNTY, PA as we type...They are upgrading the Pipeline and then FRACKING...scary


A facebook friend posted this and I want to make sure this won't hurt the environment?? "Were looking to lease mineral rights in Kentucky.This is your chance to change KY for the better. Be on the forefront of this major development. If you have mineral rights to potentially lease, contact me asap. Kentucky has more natural gas than coal. Using it will stop the venting that is currently polluting the atmosphere and allow for cheaper energy costs across the board.:)" I then asked how is this not fracking?/ he responded with "No fricken Fracking!!! We are simply capturing the venting gas currently being released into the atmosphere. We can also drill like oil to release the trapped gas at the surface. No fracking or pressurized cracking of the mantle that allows for oil to get into water ways. We are doing it the right way. Consolidation first of vented natural gas."

Against NW PA drilling 

I am calling everyone into action against the impending drilling of the NW Pennsylvania area. My hometown and city of almost 25 years is about to be taken over by the industry. Our newspapers are filled with the news. I am terrified our water, air and safety is at stake. Please join me.

All Pa Coalitions 

Organizing a STATEWIDE PROTEST county by county to demand a moratorium on NGD on inauguration day Jan 18th when Tom Corbett takes office. Also asking all Pennsylvanians to do a communications blitz by writing, phoning, fax, snail mail, email to all the legislators to stop hydraulic fracturing. Plans also to organize a march in Washington in the Spring

Alpha & Omega Enterprises 

My family land, which was homesteaded by my great-grandfathers, is now being invaded by the oil companies, landmen, and fracturing companies. Whiting Oil and Gas is drilling a well less than 1.5 miles from our homesteaded land, and fracturing that well today, even though, I called and emailed the ND Oil and Gas Commission begging them to stop permit until all neccessary data was gathered, such as, but not limited to, the chemical solution intended to use in fracturing process, water samples of all neighboring wells, and environmental analysis of habitat. I was denied by the state agency to stop permit, as they approve the policy, and the oil companies are exempt from the Safe Water Act, etc. I have also contacted the local media to public announce our plea for help, as we are just mere pheasant farmers, but have our legal rights. They are ruining western North Dakota as we speak. I would like a public educational event to take place with all of the affected landowners, as this ND play intends to increase. Please help us!!!

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