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208 230 2063  
3250 sw 2nd ave  
new plymouth  

State and county officials are negoitating with oil and gas companies as we speak. Once the Payette County P&Z grants any type of permit, rural Paytte County and surrounding areas will be exploited by these gas and oil companies. Fracking is just the tip of the iceberg. All natural gas must be refined at a gas dehydration and compression facility. This removes some 50,000 gallons on "product water" and 40,000 plus gallons of "waste oil" a day. The oil can be sold but the product water is either trucked to yet an undetermined location or just dumped at or near the site for evaporation in unlined catch ponds. My wife and I have done countless hours of research, because an oil and gas company has requested a conditional use permit next to our property on 13 acres of prime agricultural ground. All the information we have gathered has had no positive effects on anyone but the oil and gas industry. Get the word out ,get involved, once the pandoras box is opened we as citizens of Idaho will pay the price.

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