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GASLAND: New York State Fracking Moratorium

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GASLAND: New York State Fracking Moratorium  
New York  

Even if you do not live in NY State, please call or email New York State legislators in support of a Moratorium on Shale Gas drilling that could serve as a national model to hault fracking. This week is CRUCIAL. Please Call or Email NOW!

Sen. Antoine Thompson 518-455-3371 
Speaker Sheldon Silver 518-455-3791 
Gov. David A. Patterson 518-474-8390
Sen. John Sampson 518-455-2788
Sen. Malcolm Smith 518-455-2701  

SAMPLE EMAIL: Dear New York State Legislators- "I call upon you, an elected official of the State of New York, to impose a moratorium on drilling in shale formations, a decision which will protect the land, air and water of our state. As has been shown in cases across the country, from Colorado to Pennsylvania, hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” for natural gas is not safe. I am extremely concerned for our public health and safety and for the integrity of our clean water and air. As the disaster in the gulf continues to unfold and gas drilling accidents are a staple on the news, this is hardly the time to allow industry profit to trump citizen safety. We urge you to pass the strongest possible moratorium bill now so that the health problems, water contamination issues and air pollution problems can be fully assessed by the public and the legislature. Thank you."

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